FZtech to Exhibit at Shark Safe Event in 1933 Shanghai 鑫旭科技以設計聲援國際護鯊日:設計師作品展: 和平共處,拒吃魚翅


台灣,台北,2014519 鑫旭科技將受邀參加由1983艾派創藝坊主辦與國際野生救援協會聯辦的523國際護鯊日。由艾派創藝坊主辦的公益沙龍第二季暨設計師作品展:拒絕魚翅,我承諾!此展覽是護鯊主題相關的作品展,將公益與創意結合,把公益即是時尚,有趣的理念傳遞。活動日期523日,將於上海1933老場坊展覽中心舉辦。在這藝文氣息濃厚的展示中心,將展示由我司旗下品牌Ni Hao I’m FiFi設計師Yating Hung所設計的iCare 系列Apple 5/5s保護殼。此系列是專為此活動而生,一同呼應並聲援保護鯊魚的行動。Yating 共設計四款圖案,分別有不同的意義與概念,希望能夠影響大家,一起拒吃魚翅,保護鯊魚。

FZtech to Exhibit at Shark Safe Event in 1933 Shanghai

iCare Series to Realize the Beauty of Shark
Taipei, Taiwan FZtech is pleased to attend the international event I’m FINished with FINs on May 23th at 1933 Shanghai, China. The non-profit activity is organized by the 1983 and its co-organizer WildAid, aims to provide educational resources and design for people to raise awareness about shark conservation.

The 1983 keeps saving shark as a part of their enterprise culture. As a creative art platform of China, the 1983 combines shark safe, fashion and creative to organize this exhibition. They have invited designers to attend the show and create various products and artworks that related to the main concept of shark safe.

FZtech exhibit at 1933 Shanghai 上海老場坊
FZtech is appreciated to be invited to attend this meaningful event. Ni Hao I’m FiFi designer - Yating Hung who has designed iCare Series: Shark Safe - Apple iPhone 5/5s case for this event. There are four kinds of design, including No Fins, peaceful coexistence, sharing the same waters and learning to live with sharks, conveying the message from FZech for saving shark and refuse to eat shark fins.
FZtech badges
FZtech will showcase its latest Shark Safe Series and provide 300 pieces of badges in exhibition as a lovely gift for visitors. This event is a good opportunity for people to raise awareness about shark conservation and realize the beauty of shark. 

No Fins 拒吃魚翅 (FZT-BFS-01)
Peaceful coexistence 和平共處 (FZT-BFS-02)
Sharing the same water 共享海洋 (FZT-BFS-03)
Learning to living with sharks 學習如何相處 (FZT-BFS-04)

High quality ABS
2-layers surface coating finish
Anti-scratch, Anti-dust, Non-slip
Extremely durable
Designer edition
5 designs for 3 cities
Home button stickers included (4pcs)
Compatible with iPhone 5/5s

Product Size: 126×61×9.5mm
Net weight: 15g
Material: ABS


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